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Term Of Service

1) What are ECF's Terms of Service?

ECF is a service created to facilitate communication. By signing-up with a profile and sending an ecard on our site, you are agreeing to the following terms.

Members understand that these terms may be updated at any time without notice.

Members are entirely responsible and liable for all activities conducted through usage of our services. Members agree to use this service at their own risk.

ECF is in no way responsible for adverse interpersonal situations or reactions that arise as a result of sending an ecard.

Members agree that their e-mail address will be displayed in ecards that are delivered via email.

Members and visitors are free to e-mail, post and share the ecards, but ECF retains the copyright to all ecards. The ECF logo is positioned on the bottom right of each ecard, thereby implying copyright ownership.

Ecard artwork may not be altered or copied or used in any way other than specified.

ECF ecard service is intended for use by persons aged 13 and over.

Members agree to not use the service for junk mail or spamming.

Members agree to use our ecards in a lawful and respectful way.

Members should not use our service to harass anyone. If a contact does not want to hear from you, sending them an unwanted ecard is contrary to our terms. ECF can not be held responsible for such actions.

Messages included in personalized ecards should never be abusive, threatening or obscene. ECF shall have the right, but not the responsibility, to remove messages which are deemed at our discretion to be objectionable.

ECF does not guarantee delivery of ecards or notifications. ECF has tried to identify potential issues and offer workaround solutions, however we cannot be held responsible for filters and limits placed on recipient's servers or email providers over which we have no control.

From time-to-time, ECF may experience technical issues and members may be temporarily unable to send ecards. This situation will be very short-term and will have no bearing on the value of your yearly membership.

ECF does not refund membership fees. We offer an opportunity to pre-test our service by offering 2 free ecards before you sign up. Proceeding to Premium Membership is at your own discretion. If you choose to not use ECF's service after you've signed-up, your account will continue to remain valid for the full term.

ECF never auto-rebills without direction from you! Membership will be renewed at member's request only.

ECF has done it's best to mitigate typographical errors in it's cards, but should an error occur, ECF is not responsible for any negative effects of sending a flawed ecard.

All ECF ecards posted on a third-party or social media site have an embedded link back to our website. Copyright remains with ECF.

ECF has a team of technicians and sophisticated monitoring systems in place to help mitigate viruses. However, in the unlikely event of a virus passing to a member as a result of third-party interference, ECF will not be held responsible.

ECF payments are handled on a secure third-party site. ECF does not keep member's financial information on file. Any issues with security that arise as a result of these transactions are not the responsibility of ECF.

ECF does not invite nor welcome suggestions for design, ecard themes or creative sayings from members. Any unsolicited material will be destroyed without being read. ECF's team of designers and writers hopes to avoid any confusion over copyright in this way. We strive to only use original ideas from our creative team. If there is any coincidental similarity, ECF is completely absolved from any compensatory responsibility.

Members agree to ECF's terms, inclusive of any future amendments, for the length of their membership and for as long as they have a profile in our database once their membership has lapsed.

To have your profile permanently removed from our database, please contact us at:

2) What is ECF's Privacy Policy?

The privacy of our membership is something we take very seriously at ECF.

We collect a minimum of information from our members. We do not share that information with anyone. We do not make our website user's email addresses available to anyone!

ECF is not an anonymous service. Member's emails are displayed on our ecards to protect card recipients from anonymous harassment. However, we cannot be responsible for someone signing-up using a spoof e-mail. ECF has systems in place to check for suspicious e-mails, but if you are the recipient of such an emailing, please email us at once:

Our profile form requires an email address. ECF will only use this email sparingly to acknowledge membership sign-up or to contact a member once a year about renewing a membership. Additionally, ECF may contact members for very rare notices about technical issues. If you would like to opt out of such occasional emailings, please contact us at There is no way to opt out of self-directed notification and event emails or reminder and pick-up notices that you set up.

3) What is ECF's policy on SPAM?

We are an Anti-SPAM site.

We do not make our member's email addresses available to anyone!

Members may not use ECF's service to send ecards to names on junk mail lists, nor send ecards to people with whom they are not acquainted.

Sending multiple ecards with an 'advertising' message is in violation and will be considered just cause for membership termination.

ECF does not sell advertising of any sort and our ecard system does not contain links to advertiser's sites.

If you have any questions or comments regarding ECF's privacy policy, please contact us at:

4) What is ECF's policy concerning Cookies?

Cookies may be established by our browser during a site visits to track visits and to gather non-personal data that help determine ECF's future direction. Cookies also help save user passwords so they don't have to be re-entered with each site visit.

5) What is ECF's policy concerning Copyright?

Members and visitors are free to e-mail, post, print and share the ecards, but ECF retains the copyright to all ecards. The ECF logo is positioned on the bottom right of each ecard, thereby implying copyright ownership.

Ecard artwork may not be altered or copied or used in any way other than specified.

Most ecards contain original artwork or wording, the copyright for which is assumed by Some ecards feature photography, artwork, clip art or original fonts used by permission from artists who have either authorized usage through free sites or paid sites (eg:, membership websites (eg:, font/graphic collections (eg:, or through other direct arrangements, the documentation for which remains on file. While the completed (flattened ecard) is the copyrighted property of ECF, copyright for individual elements is retained by the individual artists.

You may not use copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner.

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ECF does not sell ads on our site. We will never release or sell your information. We will never contact your friends. We strive for great client service, and we promise to do our best to make your ecard experience a positive one.

Premium Membership.

With premium membership, you’ll be able to email your friends, post an ecard to Facebook (your own page or a friend’s page), post an ecard as a comment on a friend’s post, publish a link to a card on Twitter, or save ecards to a Pinterest board. Be efficient, save time and save money. There are useful calendar/reminder pages (so you never forget an important date), a handy address book, as well as history and favorite pages to help you remember and celebrate all the special times in your life. With a yearly membership you can send or post as MANY ecards or equotes as you like for only $8.99 (about the cost of two regular printed cards). 

Trial Membership.

We invite you to try out ECF by sending 2 free (no obligation) ecards. Click on any card to get started. Create a profile and start e-mailing ecards right away. If you like our ecards, why not consider upgrading your free account to premium membership?


We want to make your ecard experience as pleasant and as useful as possible. If you have any ideas about how we might make our site better, please let us know by clicking on the CONTACT US button at the bottom of the page.

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